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We are an industry-leading provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft operators around the globe, offering responsive, high quality and value-for-money support for engines, airframes and components.

Fleet Operator Support

Vector Aerospace provides OEM-authorized engine support for a range of regional turboprops and turbofans, including the PW100 family, PW150A and ALF502/LF507. Our overhaul facilities in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, supported by mobile repair teams positioned around the world, ensure that your fleet remains in revenue generating service.

B&GA Support

Whether you operate a single-engine general aviation turboprop or a multi-engine business jet, we are here to provide you with responsive, reliable and high quality powerplant support 24/7. Our OEM approvals include the JT15D, PT6A, PW300 and ALF502/LF507, supported from overhaul facilities and service centres located worldwide.

Rotary-Wing Support

Vector Aerospace offers a full range of helicopter support services from facilities in North America and Europe. We provide component, airframe and avionics support for a wide range of models from Airbus Helicopters, Bell, Boeing, Finmeccanica Helicopters and Sikorsky, plus OEM-authorized services for P&WC, Rolls-Royce and Turbomeca turboshafts.

Military & Govt Support

A trusted partner serving military forces and government agencies worldwide, Vector Aerospace offers a comprehensive range of services. Our MRO capabilities cover engines, propellers, components and rotary-wing airframes, and we also offer significant mission system integration services, including avionics and self-protection systems.